Advice to keep your relationship going

This page is dedicated to all the happy couples.

Love your other as much as you love yourself.
Don't cheated on your other, you are cheating yourself.
Communication is key.
Stay away from unhappily married couples, they will ruin your marriage for they have already ruined theirs.
Stay away from Trouble makers they are miserable and will only hurt your relationship.
A Little flirting never hurt anybody, touch is different.
Your other is your best friend.
Send her a dozen roses. You don't need a reason.
A diamond ring is good, a telephone ring with an "I Love You" is good too.
Cybersex never hurt anybody. Unprotected sex will!
A phonecall is good, a love letter is better.
Don't smoke, you never know when a kiss is coming.
Make love to your spouse is better than sex on the beach.
Breakfast in bed is good. Making love afterwards is even better.
Love your spouse is sickness and in health.

Remember a smile is nice, a kiss is better, a hug is best.

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