Don't Fall in Love Part 1 and 2

Don't Fall in Love


An old poem,,


Don't Fall in Love


Have you ever fallen in Love,

but know they did not care?


Have you ever felt like crying,

but knew it would get you no where?


Have you ever watched them walk away

not wanting them to go?

and Whispered I love you, (softly)

and not wanting them to know


You cried all night in misery

and almost went insane


There is nothing in this world

that causes so much pain.


If I could choose between Love and death,

I think I'd rather die



Love is fun, but it hurts too much

and the price you pay is high.



So I say "don't fall in love"?

You'll be hurt before it through,



You see my friend, " I ought to know



I fell in love with you.....







part 2.. (many many years later)



Do fall in Love



I wanted To die,

but my heart won't stop beating,



i was so hurt,

for I had too much feelings...



i wanted to be strong,

but i was weak



Finally, one day,

When I learned to love myself

and be good to others.

to treat everyone like a sister or brother



The lesson I learned was to love your family, your friends

and your life, For that is the trick to inner peace.



So do fall in love, learn life lessons while you can,

for an empty life is like an old tin can.



A man/woman is judged by not how much he can love,

but how he is loved by others...



So for the one's who had broken your heart, forgive and remember....


For what it is worse to love and lost

than never to have loved at all.....




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