He bought me flowers.

( A Poem or a warning)

He bought me flowers.

A year ago, he yelled at me, isolated me from my family and friends, made me feel useless and worthless, I cried myself to sleep.
But he bought me flowers,
So he must love me?

Nine months ago, he slapped me for the first time, hurt my wrist, called me stupid, and screamed in my face. and told me, who can love someone as pathetic as me?

He did this in front of my kids!!
I hugged my kids and we cried ourselves to sleep.
But later he bought me flowers,
So he must love me?

Six months ago, he threw me across the room, punched me till my nose bled, and my eyes turned black, forced me to do depraved and demeaning things to make him happy.

He made me apologize for everything, and accept fault for all the bad things in our lives. my kids screamed in horror as he slapped, kicked and spat on me..
It was too hurtful to cry, my eyes hurt so much. so I crying inside and drifted to sleep in pain..

He apologized the next day,
and he bought me flowers
so he must love me?

Three months ago, he sent me to the emergency room, I lost a tooth, my arm was broken, the police arrested him,
My kids were sent to live in foster care....
He apologized and begged me not to press charges,
I cried, when I told the police I did not wish to press charges.
So in return he bought me flowers.
So he must love me?

One month ago, he pulled my hair, choked me till i lost consciousness, and violated me over and over again in my sleep.
All I heard as he forced himself inside me,
Was "How he wished I was dead!!" and How useless I become and this is all I am good for....
I blacked out, so I was not able to cry.
He was smart not to leave any marks,
The next day he bought me flowers,
So he must love me?

Yesterday, at my funeral, my family and friends cried for me..
they begged me to leave this jerk, for over a year.
the undertaker was able to hide the bruises,
make my face look pretty, cover the tear marks,,
why didn't I leave, when my family told me?
was I better alone, then with this jerk?

The last thing I saw was the police handcuffing him, and he screamed out, that everything was all my fault and "The bitch had it coming to her, and I am happy she is finally dead"..
My kids cried,
I saw the anger in my sons eyes and the way he clenched his fists
I saw the way my daughter cry the same way I used to, the feeling of uselessness, helplessness and low self esteem,..
But he must love me...

Because he sent me flowers..... (for the last time)

Don't cry. Don't feel bad. Simply Don't be there the next time it happens!

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