Women who got even cherub

Based on a true story

Debbie was a friend of mine. She told me that when she was 19, a boy she was dating wanted to have her. He promised to marry her, and take care of her if anything happened. Renee was unsure, and naive. One night he took her to a park, got her drunk seduced her.

Soon enough she was pregnant, once he got word, He made tracks.

Debbie was devastated, she cried day and night, she also gained weight. Debbie had a miscarriage due to the stress that was induced by the breakup of the boyfriend.

Once she had the miscarriage, she rested, started exercising, and pretty soon she was back in shape again. When her old boyfriend found out, he came back. He said he wanted to start dating her again.

Debbie said sure, lets go back to the place where we first became as one. They went back to the spot. This time she got him drunk and she took his cloths and car back to his house. He got the pleasure of walking home from the park.

The person's named have been changed, as well as some of the incidences. All else is fictional. Any resemblance to anyone else living or dead is pure coincidental.

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