Famous gold digger lines

I am not a gold digger, my hands don't have dirt on them.
Tonight let me make you dinner. I'll make reservations at the restaurant.
Buy me a double heart ring, this way i will love you twice as much.
If we ever break up, I promise to return everything, that is not gold
I didn't mean to cheat on you, he had a better car, and you know nice toys are my weakness.
I know you love me, prove it, give me you credit card. I won't max it out, i'll leave a dollar or two in it. I'm gonna Vamp you!
I don't wear ankle chains, they are like dog tags, I prefer a diamond named plate instead.
If you buy me a gold chain, then you I am yours till someone else buys me a better one.
Its not the size of the man's wallet, its what's in the wallet.
If you're rich, than I wanna carry your baby.
I don't sleep with just anybody, only the ones who can afford me.
Will Love you long time, but can you afford it?
Is that a money in your wallet or a gold Master Card with my name on it.
My last boyfriend bought me everything.
If you buy me a necklace, you need to have matching earings, bracelets and rings...
If you wish you can buy me a new bracelet, this one is almost six months old, I wouldn't mind.
Thinking's for free, Looking's for sale, Talk is cheap, but Touch is mighty expensive!
A gold digger is like a shotgun. She's all cocked up and ready to blow!

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