Men who got even

Based on a true story

Paul was a friend of mine. We were like brothers. He went head over heels for a girl one day. All of us told him, she was a gold-digger and was not worth his time. Paul was in the honor society at his school. He was assigned to tutor her. At first everything seemed innocent.

Since he was with her everyday, he developed feelings for her. Eventually, he fell in love.

After the semester was over, she passed her class. She in true form dumped him for another guy. He was late for a lousy movie so she went off with a guy who had half a brain, some muscle, a leather jacket and a motor cycle.

Paul cried for weeks and was cronically depressed. It would be fair to say he lost a year of his life crying and grieving. He tried to contact her, but her response was NO. He was not good enough for her. He tried exercising and saved all his money to buy a leather jacket. But it was no good. He was just not her type. Maybe if she was failing another class.

I told my friend Paul, you are intelligent. You don't deserve this. If you wish to get even then do better than her. Unfortunately, in his eyes she was a goddess. So I told him to concentrate on his studies and become somebody, somebody important, then she will come back to him....... guaranteed.

Like a man on a mission, he studied hard, graduated from college, and got a job with a good company. He even became the head of his department.

Paul met her at the park one day. By then he was married and had four kids. She had two kids of her own. He found out that the man with the motor cycle left his kids with her, while he rode off into the sunset alone. She is left alone to tend to the kids. She found out from her friends that Paul was a success. She discovered he was good enough for her and wanted to get back together with him, and would do anything. Unfortunately for her, he would never cheat or leave his wife.


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