Famous players lines

I am a Virgin, just like you. I've been saving myself just for you.
I will love you before and after (don't you believe him).
I promise not to tell anyone.
I don't want you for just body, I am interested in your mind.
Lets do it, and I'll buy you an Ice cream afterwards.
Love me and I am yours till the sun rises.
Let's go to my place, I'll show you my room, it has a barbie doll collection.
I bought my ex-girlfriend a diamond bracelet, and now I have no one go give it to...
Your boyfriend is cheating on you, sleeping with me is the best way of getting even.
I promise I will dump my girlfriend, but, I need to try out the goods, before I turn in my old model.
I have a gold charm with diamonds and it has your name on it. (note, if he does give you a gold chain, its either fake or he will take it back once he gets his).
If you sleep with me, I will leave my girlfriend for you.
You are the most beautiful thing in the world.
When are we going out?
I promise not to tell anyone, it will be our little secret.

Fool me once, bite you. Fool me twice, bite me!

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