Who am I?

My name is Raymond. That's me up with the Hulk. I live in the Big Apple, affectionately known as the City of New York. I am 48 years old and 5' 8", muscular build. I work in a very big organization. My interests include martial arts and body building. I hold a black belt in JuJitsu and currently pursuing a Red Belt in Kickboxing

Where did The HeartBreak Inn come from?
I built this web page for men and women who have lost their hearts to someone special to them. Unfortunately, most of the time is due to unrequitted love. I know many people have been hurt and most of them are never able to get over a lost love for a long period of time. So if you have ever been used, jilted, deceived or hurt, come and hang out with my site. The stories are true and the name and places changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.

Wanna contact me?
Email angellvr123@yahoo.com

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