Lines to get rid of persistent gold diggers and players

Which part of No did you not understand the N or the O?
I have standards, I don't date cheating boyfriends or girlfriends
If your asking, I'm busy.
I don't date used goods.
I rather be alone, than be stuck with a loser like you.
If Loving you is wrong, Who am I to argue with that.
Kissing you is like kissing a dog, Come to think of it, I rather be kissing a dog.
When are we going out? The day you get castrated.
I work for the FBI and I tend talk in my sleep, if you were to overhear the wrong thing, I would have to kill you in the morning.
You're funny looking and have bad breath.
My boy/girl friend is in the arm forces, bother me again and he/she will rearrange your face.
"My mommy had told me", "when I was little kid", to stay away from idiots like you.

Dating a player or a gold digger is like kissing a snake, its only a matter of time before you get bit!

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