Would be players who got what they deserve

Based on a True Story

Rafael was a work colleague of mine, He was 24 at the time, he told me that he wanted to meet a girl and hit a home run on the first shot. Raffy was also a virgin. I told him, you are better off meeting a nice girl, seeing how she is like, becoming her friend, then see what happens from there.

Raffy had gotten advice from a player on how to get a girl and seduce her. So Raffy plan he attack like a general going to war. Raffy applied for several credit cards, Visa, Master Charge, American Express and Omni. Then he went to Brooks Brothers and bought a very very expensive suit, shirt, tie, shoes and sox. It would be safe to say he dropped 500 easy. Then he bought jewelry for himself, some he borrowed from friends, rings, goldchains bracelets, and even an earring.

Friday nite came, Raffy went to a male strip club. It was called Chippendale's at the time. At midnight, they would let all the men in, the woman would be hot, wild, vulnerable, and easy pickens.

Raffy walked up to the bar, flashed his wallet, his weeks pay inside. (note, the big dummy only made 25000/year) He gave his card to the bartender and bought a drink. He bought a Long Island Ice tea. A few minutes later, a very pretty and volupous looking girl sat next to him. She look kind of sad, and yet she smiled at him. Raffy was thinking of what to say to her, before he can get a word out. She asked him for a tissue. She had a tear running down her eye. Raffy, the gentleman he was wiped the tear away, and asked what was wrong? The girl said her name was Cherry, oh i meant Sherri, she just broke up with her boyfriend, she misses him so. She is so lonely, she said, she was planning to offer herself to him and that she was a virgin. Unfortunatly, for her, her roommate got to him first, when she got home to her apartment earlier in the evening, her roommate was doing her boyfriend like a wild sheep. She looked in distraught, her roommate simply smirked at her, and said, he was a virgin, but not anymore.

So that's why she was here, to drown her sorrows in drinks. Sherri said, she felt she should not be alone tonite. It would be bad, she mite do something stupid. She didn't want to be a virgin anymore, and she wanted someone, who would have her, and take her, and be gentle with her. She would not hold any commitment to him. But she must be drunk first, or her morals and standards would get in the way.

Raffy said, ahhh wanna drink?? Sherri ordered a glass of champagne, she said, champagne usually gets her frisky and wild. After 2 glasses, he was able to kiss her cheek and hand. he figured more champagne, more kisses and possibly some touchy. About 15 glasses later, or so it seemed. The girl look riped for the pickings. Weird, for most people one or two glasses was sufficient. (The glasses was 30 bucks a glass, no small potatoes) Raffy summoned up the courage to give her a kiss on the lips.

A three big men grabbed him. One of them said, this is the wife of our boss. He is insanely jealous of any man trying to kiss his wife. The man's name was Matt T. Ruck. Raffy said, no, he wasn't trying to kiss his wife, he wouldn't dare.. heh heh heh... Plus you got the wrong guy. She isn't married?? Is she?? The girl said, oh that is my husband. The husband said, she oftens goes to bars, she is naive, I don't want to put you in the hospital for her stupidity, nor put you in the east river. I would have to have my boys put holes in your body, to make sure you make it to the bottom. He grabbed he girl and left with his body guards.

Raffy said nuts..... The bartender returned with his credit card. It actually came close to maxing out.. At least he didn't get beat up. Also, its not a total lost, the girl only drank half the glass. No point in wasting good champagne. He took a sip, "Hey, this taste just like ginger ale????"

For the one's who don't know, Raffy was taken in by a bar room hustler. He learned an expensive lesson. Not really, cause next week he went back, the same girl was there hustling somebody else. He saw the girls body guards at the next table.


Looking for love in all the wrong places can lead to blindness of the head and I don't mean the big head.

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